Winter Training - Week 3

Week Ending - December 2nd 2007

Monday still in York, a cold damp day so decided to get into my daughter's good books and do some DIY rather than venture outside into the gloom.

Tuesday, home again after a late night drive on Monday down the M1. Quite a bright day so it was down to the Hayes Circuit. Met up with Jim and Alan and were also joined by two stalwarts of the West London cycling scene for many many years, Brian Tadman and Rocco Richardson. In fact I first met Brian Tadman when I rode my first ever time trial, The Century Road Club Novices 25, way back in 1957. Brian beat me that day by a few seconds and went on to have considerable success at road racing. However, at the moment I have the edge on him as far as endurance goes but in a sprint he still has the upper hand. Was quite a competitive ride, lots of sprints up the hill and some hard chasing of a fixed wheel rider who passed our group. Jim flagged a bit, but Alan was very impressive. Ended up covering 40 miles.

Wednesday, an unsettled day but decided to attempt the Great Missenden Chilterns loop. Made good progress over the first 30 miles but really suffered over the last 20 hilly miles from Great Missenden, its the hills that are killing me. Just about made it home after a ride of 50 miles.

Woke up to a damp and windy morning, my aim was to ride 60 miles to get my weeks total up to 150 miles but with a sore throat and the weather I knew that was not on the cards. Had a steady ride at the circuit with Jim and Alan, averaging just over 16 mph and in the end covered 50 miles. Made an attempt to strengthen my leg muscles by riding 10 miles in top gear, both up the hill and against the strong wind in the back straight. It sure made my legs ache in different places!

Any thoughts of getting some extra miles over the weekend were dashed when I woke up at 5:00am on Saturday morning with a raging sore throat and a fever. Stayed in bed most of the day and was not much better on Sunday either. Just hoping there will be a miraculous recovery overnight so I can go out on my bike on Monday morning.

Weekly Totals:- Miles:- 142.0 Time:- 8 hrs 45 mins 53 secs

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