Winter Training - Week 5

Week Ending - December 16th 2007

A very strong North Westerly and rain greeted me at 8:00am on Monday morning. However, the rain stopped by 10:30 and it was off out to tackle the Chilterns Loop to Great Missenden and back. The very strong headwind sure slowed me down and any hopes of doing a quick time were dashed when I saw my time for the first 10 miles. But I continued around the circuit and although the tailwind did not assist too much the last few miles home were real quick. Just failed to average 15 mph for the 51 mile trip, my slowest and hardest ride so far.

A very sunny Tuesday morning but lots of ice and frost about too. Only Jim and Alan at the cold and sunny circuit, the first 20 miles were very steady and socialable. Jim must have been the calming influence for after he left, Alan and I increased the tempo considerably over the final 15 miles. Average speed for the morning was 15.9 mph but Alan and I averaged well over 18 mph for the last 15 miles.

Pilates tonight then a 200 mile plus car journey to York, we are going to see our grandaughter's first School Christmas performance. I will be taking my bike and hoping to get a few miles in before we return late of Thursday.

Thursday morning in York was sunny but very frosty with a temperature well below freezing. Finally went out at 11:30 am but riding down a lot of the lanes was not too good due to the frost and ice. Did compete the 30 mile circuit and the hill was not too bad this time, must have been the effect of a strong tail wind!

Friday morning was dull and cold. Five of us turned up at the circuit, Brian Tadman spiced things up after 20 miles and then Alan had a go too. Managed to respond to all the attacks. 45 miles covered.

Weekly Totals:- Miles:- 168.1 Time:- 10 hrs 41 mins 42 secs

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