Winter Training - Week 16

Week Ending - March 2nd 2008 ............................................................. Miles to date:- 2848

A bright, sunny and cold Monday morning and as I was attending a funeral in the afternoon decided to stay close to home and rode 51 miles around the Black Park 10 mile Time Trial course. Very pleased right now, just received a £10 donation from my 7 year old grandson Ben.

A sunny but very windy Tuesday morning and my intention was another 100 mile ride at the circuit. However, my legs were feeling pretty tired after the past two days exertions and riding against the wind was very hard. I was just re accessing the situation when Bob invited me out to lunch with the local British Cycling officials. So I could stop riding with a clear conscience! A nice lunch and I have been asked to produce a blog for the Tuesday Night circuit races, that should be no problem. The lunch was also celebrating Chas Messenger's 95th birthday, Chas was a prolific promoter of cycle races, including the Tour of Britain and still to this day can remember and relate stories of all the events he has promoted. So it was just another 50 miles to my total.

A bright sunny and not too windy Wednesday morning and I went out for a 57 mile road ride with Jim. We maintained a good tempo throughout but I am afraid it will take Jim a long time to forgive me for taking him up the narrow lane to Flackwell Heath, it sure was a shock to his system!

A cold, dull and windy Friday morning at the circuit and 6 of us rode steady laps with Jim impressively doing most of the work on the front. Alan instigated a few sprints up the hill at the end of the session which made us sweat a little. We were all impressed by the speed of John O'Sullivan roaring around the circuit on his time trial machine in final training for his first time trial of the season this Sunday. By the time I arrived home I had riden 56 miles.

A bright Saturday morning so I ventured out with the fast group from Denham Nurseries. A lot of the racers were not there as they are racing at the Hayes Circuit later today but the group maintained a fast pace throughout. Was pleased that I managed to lead the second group up the climb of Winter Hill, normally I am the last rider over and I stayed with the group for all the ride. 50 more miles added to my total.

Weekly Totals:- Miles:- 264.9 Time:- 15 hrs 22 mins 21 secs

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