Countdown to Alpe d'Huez - 2 weeks to go

Week Ending - June 22nd 2008 ........................................................................... Miles to date:- 5717

My intention on Monday morning was to do an easy ride after my exertions in the hills over the weekend but the pep talk from Norman Curtis was still ringing in my ears so I decided on an aggressive 50 mile ride around my Cookham Circuit. At the end of the ride my aching legs were rewarded with my fastest ride so far. Good news on the donation front too. The first from Simon O'Hagan whom I met on last week's Audax and who himself is training for a similar ride in the French Pyrenees the day after my ride. Thank you Simon and I sure hope your ride goes well. The second donation was from David Varley, I have known David since our daughters became schoolfriends some 29 years ago. David was instrumental in inviting me to talk at the Rotary Club lunch last week and is also at the forefront of ensuring Uxbridge retains it's heritage. Thank you David.

Tuesday and another warm day with a nagging wind. Eight of us at the circuit at one time including Russ, quite a youngster, 40ish I guess and the newest member of our club. West Drayton Mountain Bike Club now has record membership of over 100 active members, all of them racing or taking part in the club's social rides. Jim was in good form today, kept wanting to sprint up the hill, I did manage to beat him a couple of times but he was King of the Mountains today. Quite satisfied with my 46 miles, a couple of rest days now, I have been out on my bike the previous 9 days. We are off to York to celebrate my youngest grandson's 1st birthday. I just need another 329 miles to reach my target of 6,000 training miles.

Bob Spencer who organises the Tuesday Night races at the circuit suggested running a collection in support of the Royal Marsden. St George supplied some excellent posters and Royal Marsden some collection boxes so I hope all the riders will support me over the coming weeks.

Thursday morning was sunny in York but windy, I decided and a gentle 46 mile spin around my Howardian Hills circuit but it sure was not that gentle in parts due to the wind. One good bit though, did 3 miles wind assisted at 30 mph and my heart rate stayed below 100 beats per minute, it sure would be fun if cycling was always that easy. Had a good afternoon with the grandchildren and I enjoyed Edward's first birthday party.
Friday was another rest day, the grand children took precedence. Good news on the donation front, a donation from Jackie Roberts who is the proprietor of Beyond Mountain Bikes our club's main sponsor. I am sure you have noticed the Beyond Logo on my racing vest. Thank you Jackie.
No more cycling this week but a good end with more donations raising the sponsorship total to date to over £2,500. My grand children presented me with a home made card plus a sizable sum, they cashed in all the copper coins they were collecting whilst their Mum and Dad, Andrea and Ian sponsored me £1 for every mile of the challenge. In the post when we arrived home was a very much appreciated donation from a former work colleague at King and Hutchings some 50 years ago, Jim Batten. Thankyou Jim.

Pictures:- Top left, Lexie, Jack and Edward presenting me with their card. Top right, Training with Lexie and Jack!
Bottom:- My card from Lexie, Jack and Edward.

Weekly Totals:- Miles:- 142.6 Time:- 8 hrs 24 mins 42 secs

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