Winter Training - Week 11

Week Ending - January 27th 2008 ............................................................. Miles to date:- 1589

A dull and very windy Monday morning with the forecast of rain to come. Decided to ride laps of the Black Park 10 mile time trial circuit as it would not be too exposed to the wind and not far from home in case the heavens opened. After just over 30 miles I punctured and while fixing it the rain started. Made a dash for home but did ride over 37 miles.

It was like being on holiday when I woke this Tuesday morning, a blue sky and the sun shining. A pleasant change after the recent weather. It was down to Hayes Circuit with the usual group of 5, during a quiet moment in today's ride I worked out our total age, it was 339 years, Jim being the baby of the bunch at 62 and Bob the Daddy at 72! As normal some quick laps in the middle and Brian's diet is improving his fitness as his laps were the quickest. I carried on after everyone had left as I wanted to ride 100kms today and achieved this by the time I arrived home. My legs feel tired right now, I am hoping there will still be some life in them for tomorrow's ride.

A dull, warm and still windy Wednesday. My legs were feeling OK after yesterday's efforts and I managed a good ride of over 50 miles at a steady tempo, delayed a little by my second puncture of the week when just a couple of miles from home. Highlight of the ride was meeting Danuta Tinn, a member of the Maidenhead CC, after 23 miles and enjoying 10 hard miles in her company.

Friday at Hayes Circuit as normal but feeling a little lethargic so no big efforts today. Rode 45 miles.

Saturday morning started out with the fast group from Denham Nurseries but a big embarrassment when after 4 miles I touched the back wheel of the rider in front and fell off. No serious damage to me or my bike, just a few adjustments needed to the mudguard. Completed the ride alone and added another 43 miles to my weeks total of 238.8 miles, the highest weekly total to date.

Weekly Totals:- Miles:- 238.8 Time:- 14 hrs 03 mins 20 secs

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