Winter Training - Week 14

Week Ending - February 17th 2008 ............................................................. Miles to date:- 2319

This will be regarded as a rest week as I have a hospital check up on my prostate on Wednesday then we are off to York to spend the rest of the half term holiday with three of our grandchildren.

Monday was sunny and bright and I did a steady ride around my Cookham circuit and tried myself once again on the steep climb up Honey Lane which I struggled up on Sunday. Managed the climb but I was going at my own pace and was not being pushed by other riders. 51 miles added to my total.

Tuesday was bright at home but by the time I have travelled 2 miles towards the Hayes Circuit, it was thick fog and the fog persisted for the first 33 miles. As it was my last serious training session this week, decided to ride 100 miles, which I did, 5 miles to the circuit and 95 miles on the circuit, 102 laps, and I easily beat my target time of 6 hours. Luckily I felt stronger as the ride progressed and the last 30 miles were the quickest so I never felt like quitting every time I passed the entrance. In my younger days I never felt serious training had started until I had ridden a few 100 mile rides and I am pleased to have achieved my first of the season today.

The consultant was a little worried about the 50% rise in my PSA reading, so he has planned I have monthly tests for the next two months to see what is happening. I just hope it was one of those blips you get from time to time.

A good time in York playing with the grand children although I did manage a 30 mile ride on Saturday around my normal circuit to the east of York.

Had some different kind of exercise on Sunday, spent 2 hours on the indoor ski slope (real snow) at Castleford in training for our forthcoming skiing holiday in Mammoth USA.

Weekly Totals:- Miles:- 186.9 Time:- 11 hrs 21 mins 28 secs

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