Winter Training - Week 18

Week Ending - March 16th 2008 ............................................................. Miles to date:- 3163

No cycling on Monday still suffering the effects from the bug. Luckily I felt a little better during the afternoon and was fit enough to drive home in the evening. A pleasant surprise when I arrived home, the latest edition of BT Today was waiting for me and I was impressed with the article they produced on my challenge. I just hope a lot of former colleagues read it and decide I deserve some sponsorship.

I felt a lot better on Tuesday morning and decided to go down to the Hayes Circuit. I weighed myself before leaving and found myself to be at the weight I was aiming for when I do my ride, 10 stone 8 pounds, a 8 pound loss of weight since last week, but this was due to the bug and I sure need to put some of that weight back on as I felt quite weak at times during the ride. In spite of the wind and rain showers did get another 55 miles under my belt.

An unplanned rest day on Wednesday, it was blowing a gale and my stomach was not feeling too good after a very uncomfortable night. Thursday is our weekly do something together day and we went to the British Museum to see the First Emperor Exhibition, it is very impressive but what is more remarkable is the vision of the First Emperor who forcibly united all of China's regions and planned such an elaborate burial chamber to safeguard him in the afterlife. Considering he became Emperor at the age of 14 and died when he was 44 it sure was a fantastic achievement in such a short time.

The forecast rain kept away Friday morning and it was another 55 mile ride at the Hayes Circuit.

On Saturday Betty and I were helping out at our club's road race being held at the Hayes Circuit and the plans I had for riding on Sunday were thwarted by the heavy rain so only 111 were miles covered this week, a very disappointing total. But it was not all bad news, I did manage to complete decorating the extension after we had had a new ceiling fitted so Betty at least was happy.

Weekly Totals:- Miles:- 111.4 Time:- 6 hrs 32 mins 10 secs

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