Countdown to Alpe d'Heuz - 10 weeks to go

Week Ending - April 27th 2008 ........................................................................... Miles to date:- 3942

Monday Morning Stats:- Weight 11 stone 1 pound ................................................. Resting Heart Rate 48

My target milage for this week is 210 to bring my total to date up to 4,000 but as we are going to York on Thursday it may prove difficult. Managed a good ride round my 51 mile Great Missenden hilly circuit on a dull damp and windy Monday morning, I felt quite strong but did not go as fast as I wanted, my target time is 2 hours 55 mins, I need to find 10 minutes from somewhere!

Betty is proving to be my best fund raiser thanks to the generosity of her colleagues at the Gym, today Parveen added to my total.

A good morning at the circuit, I managed to set a good pace throughout and got 50 miles in. Only 6 of us there today, Rocco looking much faster on his summer bike, Alan, Jim, Keith and Richard Wall. Richard has only just joined us and he travels a good 15 miles down the North Circular to get there, he deserves a medal for making that journey even if it is in his car. Jim was also introducing his daughter Dannii to the joys of cycling. Dannii looked very good on Jim's winter bike, if she keeps it up Jim will be having to buy her a new bike and then we all will be struggling to keep up with her.

Up early on Wednesday hoping to get a long ride in and be back early as I have a hospital appointment in the afternoon. However my plans were thwarted by the rain so I did a one hour ride on the turbo in an effort to simulate the climb of Alpe d'Heuz. It was a hard 10 miles and very hot too as I set the turbo up indoors but I am sure the real thing is going to be much harder and much hotter too. The news from the hospital was disappointing, my PSA is still rising and if the test planned for July shows a further rise then the consultant advised me to have a radical prostectomy.

I managed a 40 mile ride in the Howardian Hills in Yorkshire on Friday morning, I found the hills a lot easier so my fitness must be improving but the 15 mile ride back to York into a headwind was a killer.

I never managed another ride over the weekend mainly due to the weather so I failed to clock up 4,000 training miles.

Weekly Totals:- Miles:- 151.7 Time:- 9 hrs 26 mins 26 secs

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