Countdown to Alpe d'Heuz - 9 weeks to go

Week Ending - May 4th 2008 ........................................................................... Miles to date:- 4101

Monday Morning Stats:- Weight 11 stone 0 pounds ................................................. Resting Heart Rate 48

A bad start to the week, raining hard on Monday morning in York, cleared up a little at lunch time but by the time I had got ready to go out the heavens opened again so no miles were recorded.

A planned 50 mile ride for Tuesday but with rain delaying my start and also cutting short the ride it turned out to be just 42 miles. The inclement weather sure put off a lot of riders today as only Jim and Lance braved the conditions and both were recovering from colds. One good sign today, there were a few snails on a suicide mission to cross the circuit, when it's warmer there are hundreds so summer must be on it's way.

A very wet Wednesday morning so it was spent watching Ronnie O'Sullivan playing snooker. The forecast was for a drier afternoon so I was out at 12:30 pm but there was a lot of rain in the air. Decided to go around my Black Park circuit, the rain slowly increased and by the time I had covered 30 miles I decided to call it a day. It proved to be the correct decision for when I had completed the 6 mile ride home I was very wet and cold.

But some good news, I have finally exceeded 4,000 training miles and another of Betty's friends from the Gym has given me a donation. Thank you Alice for cheering me up.

Just found this link on the internet, a press release from the Royal Marsden about me. You can read it in the Interesting Web Sites section.

Thursday and again my plans ruined by the weather. I had intended doing a fast training session at the circuit in the evening so I went for a leisurely 31 mile ride in the Chilterns in the afternoon and managed to dodge the showers. Got myself down to the circuit in plenty of time but then there was a deluge which soon put that plan to bed.

Some good news, Chris the Chairman of my cycling club put details of my ride on the club website ( and I soon had a generous donation from Theo and Frances with a more promises from other club members. Such support is certainly well appreciated.

Made an early start at the circuit on Friday but again my ride was cut short by the rain showers and also a puncture. A good turnout considering the weather, eight of us out including two new faces Ian Birch from the Willesden CC and John Beer from the Kingston Phoenix. John O'Sullivan was also there on his Trek Time Trial machine, John got under the hour for a 25 last weekend (that was always my ambition many years ago) and is looking for a fast 10 mile time this weekend.

A great end to Friday, a generous donation from my West Drayton MBC clubmate Peter Manley.

That is the end of my riding this week, a disappointing week mainly due to the weather. On Saturday and Sunday Betty and I enjoyed our marshalling duties at the Plowman Craven sponsored Chas Messenger 2 Day Cycle Race for Elite Riders.

It was disturbing to see the behaviour of some motorists and we had a very difficult time on one lap with a motor cyclist and motorist being relectant to stop at the same time as we were trying to cope with a horse rearing up on it's rear legs. Luckily no damage was done and the riders whizzed past at over 40 mph untroubled.

Russell Downing of the Pinarello Racing Team was the dominant rider and the Team Manager Phil Griffiths celebrated by making me a donation so I was very pleased too! The local team Plowman Craven also put up a good performance winning the Sprint, King of the Mountains and Team competitions.

I managed to style two caps over the weekend, Pink on Saturday and Blue on Sunday

Weekly Totals:- Miles:- 159.5 Time:- 9 hrs 41 mins 1 secs


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Pink sure suits you. Plowman Craven should sign you for their team!!

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