Winter Training - Week 8

Week Ending - January 6th 2008

The weather was brighter on New Years Eve so I did manage a 30 mile ride around my York circuit, feeling the effects of a week off my bike and struggled a bit to maintain a decent speed.

A bleak start to to New Year, weather was very wet on Tuesday and then I was struck down by another cold, my third in quick succession so I did not ride on the Wednesday or Thursday.

Finally started the year off on Friday with a session at the Hayes Circuit along with the regular riders. Once again Brian instigated a few quicker laps in the middle of the session.

Greeted by good weather on Saturday morning so went out with the fast group from Denham Nurseries, about 20 riders out and a very steady pace set throughout the ride. Got dropped climbing Winter Hill but managed to get back with the group and stayed on the wheel for the complete ride of 40 miles. It was good to ride in a biggish group as I will need to get used to being close to lots of riders ready for La Marmotte which will have over 6,000 starters.

Weekly Totals:- Miles:- 115.1 Time:- 6 hrs 44 mins 28 secs ...................... Miles to date:- 1123

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